Our Story

Welcome to Atreya Health Shop

Continuing with the legacy of 40 years, Atreya Health Shop is a new venture of Atreya Ayurvedic Pharmacy, aimed to provide ayurvedic products to cater our existing and future generations. 

Atreya is a distinguished name in the Ayurvedic drugs manufacturing and rated as the quality manufacturers of traditional ayurvedic medicines and drugs. The Company comprises the GMP Certification and License of 400 drugs. Atreya has been established with a mission to endow the service regarding the eradication of epidemics & various diseases entirely. The Company is based in Baraut, Bagpat (U.P) and manufactures medicines in the manufacturing unit that has been kept away from disagreeable or obnoxious odour or fumes or excessive soot, dust or smoke.     

From the very beginning, Atreya has been engaged in the manufacturing and export of herbal and ayurvedic medicines for abdominal discomfort, acidity & gas trouble, basic cough & cold and skin care, lever care, menstrual care and digestive medicines.