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Job Profile of : Medical Representative


Summary of Position: A Professional Medical Representative is responsible for bringing business for the pharmaceutical company by effectively promoting pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals and asking them to prescribe such products to appropriate patients. 

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan, organize and execute product presentation to physicians and pharmacists regarding the therapeutic use of the product, mode of action, features and benefits;

  • Plan each call through the proper identification of appropriate product or products to promote, which sales tools to use and the right schedule to execute the call;

  • Observe, record and report competitor activities executed in the territory and identify appropriate counter strategy.

  • Sending daily reports via mail about the order taken from the doctor or pharmacist compulsorily.

  • Constantly endeavor to improve product knowledge, disease knowledge and selling skills at company standards in order to deliver appropriate information to physicians effectively and professionally;

  • Attain assigned sales, prescription and market share goal

  • Keeping detailed records of all contacts;

  • Staying informed about the activities of health services in a particular area.

Position Requirements: 

Applicant must be a graduate. Being an MBA / Work Experience would be an added advantage. Must be a computer literate, with average communication skills and knows how to drive a two-wheeler vehicle.

Daily Activities:
A typical day will involve one-on-one meetings with doctors, pharmacists or chemists in their offices or places of business to monitor their supply of drugs and to inform them of forthcoming changes. The representative will introduce them to new products from his company. Sending daily reports via mail about the order taken from the doctor or pharmacist compulsorily.

Interpersonal skills are required to develop trust and rapport that are a necessary part of the sales process. A proper training will be imparted to the candidate so that he is able to "speak the language" of the medical profession by becoming familiar with often complex medical terms and procedures. He will need to be able to manage his time well and project a highly professional image.

Additional Training:
Because of the complex nature of the products they sell, medical representatives will receive extensive training upon being hired, usually in the form of a structured training program. Since the medical field is constantly changing and evolving, including the frequent introduction of new products to the marketplace, the training process would be ongoing.


  • Because of the high level of technical knowledge required and the high profit margins for pharmaceutical products, a medical sales representative can earn a substantial income, especially when selling brand-name drugs.

  • The following would be the compensation plan-

  • The Minimum sales target to be achieved by the candidate should be at least Rs. 1 Lac. If the candidate fails to achieve the desired target of 1 Lac or achieves less than 1 Lac, then he is liable to follow the incentive plans as mentioned in undersigned table content 4(b) and 4(c).

 Probation Period- The probation period for the candidate will be of at least 3 months. After 3 months, the candidate will be absorbed on permanent position.

Condition for Termination of Job- If the candidate accumulates target sales less than Rs. 50,000 per month, then his services and job profile will be subject to termination immediately without any prior notice.

Literature & Accessories to be provided by Atreya-

  • A Set of Therapeautic Indices.

  • A Set of Price Lists.

  • A Set of Visulates.

  • Pen & Notepad.

  • A Set of Visiting Cards.

  • A Carry Case.

Kindly send your resume on